Thursday, May 19, 2011

Blessed Thursday

I am so overwhelmed! I had a happy Monday because I won a challenge at ribbon reel.

And today I won these yummy yummy stamps from one of my newly found fave stamp company = Lawn Fawn!

I love their stamps and bought some a few months ago because they are so different from other stamps that I usually see. In the UK you can get them at Make The Day Special.

Anyway, they've been showcasing their new stamps over the past three days and today was the final reveal of all 9 of them. I did follow with the commenting here and there since they were having giveaways but did NOT expect to get anything!

You can imagine the rate of my heartbeat when I saw my name (but it could've been tons of other Noras LOL) but then I saw my profile picture AND my comment! Fortunately I was able to contain myself from screaming but you crafters can imagine my excitement right?

This has indeed been a blessed week for me and I have a feeling it's happening so I don't miss home and my family back there too much =( but cest la vie right?

Till then! I'm one happy bunny! Here's the post.

P/s - I'd like to thank all those who visited and commented on my blog posts, reading your comments really make me happy and appreciated especially in a hobby that not everyone gets =) thank you from the bottom of my heart! xxx


  1. Oh wow congratulations Nora, it sure is your lucky week this week :)
    Jenny x

  2. Found your blog from ribbon reel challenge..congrats on winning!! I know how you feel..moments like this that make all the crafty journey worthwhile..heh..


  3. Well you certainly had a lucky week! Congratulations on your wins, can't wait to see you again at The Ribbon Reel!