Sunday, February 27, 2011

Creative outburst

Have you ever had that moment where you just HAD to create something? No matter what it was, a layout, altering a frame, finishing up a dormant project - the important thing was to get busy and to get something done quick!

Well I recently had one of those episodes and what fun it was to use up all that energy into something tangible in a matter of minutes! I had this blank journal from Paperchase that I intended to alter but being me, I was waiting for the right moment to strike. And boy was I lucky because on that day, my new Tim Holtz stamps just arrived!

I set out to use my TH stamp collection since let's face it (or it might just be me), I collect but hardly use his stamps since oh maybe they were too precious to get dirty (although Tim would probably debate this! LOL). So I thought to myself what the heck - out came the stamps, the inks, the creative explosion so to speak in the form of stamping and placing randomly here and there.

Here's the result

I'm sorry about the yellowish tinge to the image, it's probably due to bad lighting since days have been kind of gloomy here so natural light was scarce. Anyway I was extremely happy with the outcome! For the final touch I added 2011 chipboard number pieces from Maya Road in front. I've even gone and did some journalling already so that's a plus for me.

The journal is meant to record this year's monthly events since we won't be heading back home till next year. All the entries are in point form so I won't be pressured to write paragraph after paragraph because that might turn me off from writing in it regularly. I've also decided to add a photo or two but not more than four at the end of each month's entry so there would be some pictorial memories too.

So far so good so I'm hoping this will last! How about you? Do you keep a journal too?

Right, I'm off then. Till next time, happy Monday to everyone and may the week be pleasant for all of us!

P/s - I'm in the midst of finishing up another altering project so I hope to share that with you soon!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

G45 Le Romantique

It's been 12 days? Seriously?

Sorry to have left you hanging but here's the G45 mini album I finished up for the altered box earlier. I used pictures of our wedding that took place in 2008. I didn't journal much here, just put in random quotes of love and focused more on the photos.

If you're wondering what kind of wedding we had, it's a Malay wedding and you can click here to know more about my culture and roots - I'm from Brunei Darussala
m by the way =)

Now onward to pictures!

The cover - embellished with charms, TH keyhole and Prima bling

Each page I embellished with lace/ribbon to add an extra romantic feel - not easy to do for someone who prefers simple and minimal most of the time LOL

The mini tucked nicely inside the altered box

And that's that! I've got another post coming up soon so stay tuned!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

You and I

It's Saturday night and what better way than to spend it indoors, printing photos for scrapping? LOL sad I know, but in my defence we DID go out today to Westfield and the lovely sun was out too! Sans the warmth though *boo*

Anyhow just dropping by to say hello, I'm working on my craft station which we've decided to locate in one of the guest bedrooms (FYI when I mentioned roomS, we have two - and the other one's space is nearly maxed out by the double bed).

I digress, but right now I am mighty happy that I am able to print photos via the printer and have arranged some of my crafty stuff so I can actually use them since they're not hiding! Aside from that, I've got Jason Mraz playing in the background and my boy is fast asleep so I'm quite a happy mommy.

On a crafty note, I'm itching to finish my mini for the altered G45 box because being the person I am, I can't seem to start another project unless another WIP gets done! Right, so on that note I bid thee farewell - got to start cracking on the mini! Hope it gets done by tomorrow!

Talk to you soon and enjoy the rest of the weekend!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Graphic 45

Graphic 45 is a paper line that is oh so gorgeous but at times quite intimidating to use. I've been accumulating several collections for a while, afraid to use them in fear of making mistakes but I thought if I don't use them up, I can't buy anymore can I? LOL

Anyhoo, I've made one LO so far and that was because of the picture itself and here it is.

It's an LO of my cousin and her husband during a photoshoot which I think screams Le Romantique!

The LO was done last year but recently I've used Le Romantique for an altering project. I bought some plain wood boxes to alter (inspired by Arlene's G45 projects) but have only got round to them now.

My hands have been itching to get messy so last weekend, I did just that! Abyness was kind enough to allow me some creative 'me' time and was even impressed with what I came up with!

Here's the altered box - Graphic 45 and Prima bling go hand-in-hand together pretty darn well I must say.

Abyness was so impressed he even asked me to make him one! Fortunately I do have an extra box so will get cracking on that soon using G45's A Proper Gentleman since he wants one in a darker colour.

I'm still working on the mini album for the inside though so I'll share that once it's done.

Hope you like what you see!

So far

January has come and gone in a blink of an eye but luckily I've gone ahead and did some crafting!

I created an 8x8" canvas for our new home (we recently moved apartments in December). It had been quite a while since I did anything crafty since most of my tools and such were in boxes so I was pretty happy with the outcome. It even won a challenge here!

My 1st LO of 2011 was based on SIC's sketch challenge. I love the sketch that my friend Vivs came up with! I didn't manage to submit it on time though but did it all the same.

I also made an LO set by the FSFS monthly challenge group also based on a sketch. It was really challenging for me to use more than one or two photos but in the end I managed to and quite liked it.

Also in January I participated in the first ever international guest designer challenge over here. AND I WON! I couldn't believe it! It's my favourite LO at the moment because of the picture I took of my son looking out the window. I'm glad I did it some justice.

Here was my entry.

So what do you think?

My crafty life has been pretty good and I'm hoping for more crafty time soon!

Till then!

Happy 2011

It's better late than never right?

Here's to a healthy, happy 2011 sprinkled with layouts, altered projects and cards along the way!