Saturday, February 12, 2011

You and I

It's Saturday night and what better way than to spend it indoors, printing photos for scrapping? LOL sad I know, but in my defence we DID go out today to Westfield and the lovely sun was out too! Sans the warmth though *boo*

Anyhow just dropping by to say hello, I'm working on my craft station which we've decided to locate in one of the guest bedrooms (FYI when I mentioned roomS, we have two - and the other one's space is nearly maxed out by the double bed).

I digress, but right now I am mighty happy that I am able to print photos via the printer and have arranged some of my crafty stuff so I can actually use them since they're not hiding! Aside from that, I've got Jason Mraz playing in the background and my boy is fast asleep so I'm quite a happy mommy.

On a crafty note, I'm itching to finish my mini for the altered G45 box because being the person I am, I can't seem to start another project unless another WIP gets done! Right, so on that note I bid thee farewell - got to start cracking on the mini! Hope it gets done by tomorrow!

Talk to you soon and enjoy the rest of the weekend!

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