Saturday, March 5, 2011


I have great news!

A while ago I thought I'd go 'audition' for some design teams as there were a couple of ads for it on UKS. So to keep it short, I did. I tried out for two design teams and wasn't really expecting anything but I was pleasantly (ok fine, more like OMG OMG OMG) surprised when I got an email asking me to actually JOIN one!! *LOL*

Ladies and *if any* gentlemen! I am now part of the Creative Craft World design team!

There are many talented ladies there and I suggest visiting their blogs - I've listed them on the left. I am honoured to be joining them and also a bit curious as what I'm going to do when it comes to cards. I haven't been an avid card maker but with this team, we do have card challenges so it's going to be interesting.

I'll be starting my DT work in April but in the mean time, do have a browse at their lovely shop (they have some fantabulous stuff including Echo Park's For the record that I must get soon!) and also have a go at either their card challenge or scrapbooking challenges here.

My sincerest thanks to Lou for choosing me to become a part of your team - can't wait to start on the upcoming projects!

Enjoy the rest of the weekend everyone!

P/s - I'm hoping to finish my altered artist tray soon because I think I'm having layout withdrawal syndrome now but can't start since previous project not done! Erks!! Wish me luck! Will share once I'm done!


  1. Its great to have you on board Nora.. I cant wait to start working with you.. I am sure that you will have a great time.
    Dont worry too much about the card challenges, if you are ever struggling with anything. I am never more than an email away. :O)
    Oona / Choccy xx

  2. Thanks for dropping by Oona! I'm loving visiting everyone's blogs and getting inspired for cards! Hope to actually create some soon! Thanks so much for the offer I'll definitely email if anything comes up or whenever I'm stuck on a card!


  3. Welcome to our happy team, Nora. So pleased you have joined us.
    Sue x